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The Goalie Who Stole Christmas

Book Five


After my mother was diagnosed with cancer last year, she has been on my siblings and I to get married. Afraid that her time is running out, she just wants to be here for all of the milestones in our life. I’m the last one left, the one who doesn’t even have a girlfriend. My family knows that my life is invested in hockey, yet they still continue to push. I can’t show up at my brother’s wedding alone and deal with their disappointment. Instead, I need to find someone who will pretend to be my girlfriend for the week. And Sydney Phillips is the perfect candidate…


With my family gone for Christmas, it looks like I’m spending the holidays alone. Until Asher Golding propositions me. We’ve been friends since freshman year and swore to keep it that way. Asher asks me to go to Maine with him, to be his fake date for his brother’s wedding. He wants me to spend the holiday with his family afterwards, to make his mother happy. Who am I to say no? I don’t have any plans, Asher is one of my closest friends, and we’re just playing pretend. Nothing could possibly go wrong with our fake relationship, right? Even if we do end up having to share a bed…


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